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Board Meeting Minutes for July 21, 2018

President Curt Simonson called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.

Board members present: Curt Simonson, Karl Goeres, Erik Godo, Bob Hennings, Robert Copeland, Teresa Steel, Wendy Starrett

Members absent: Shannon Cunningham, Steve Lewis

Also Present: Caretaker Jake Payne, Frank Nemeth

Minutes from the April 21st, 2018 meeting were accepted as published.

Treasurer’s Report (Teresa Steel)
Checking                     $  23,233.01
Money Market             $  74,907.47
Water Reserve CD     $ 172,380.40
Capital Reserve CD    $  83,282.05

April Expenses            $  42,316.35  (including new ranch truck)
May Expenses            $    6,053.07
June Expenses           $    6,461.77

232 out of 240 lots have paid their annual assessment and water fees. Of the 8 remaining, 6 owe for 2018, 1 owes back water only, and 1 owes assessments and water since 2014.  Teresa distributed a Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual covering January 1st-July 21st, 2018.

Caretaker’s Report (Jake Payne)
Security – Weekly and random walk-arounds and multiple security checks completed. Security cameras monitored. Unusual vehicle license plates recorded. One incident of theft reported; an arrest was made shortly thereafter and a court appearance is pending.

Water – Performed routine daily monitoring, meter readings, water charting, static testing, monthly water sampling, and tank level monitoring.  Submitted reports to DOH, updated DSL system chart.  Continued to study for Water Exam. Maintenance and repair of sprinkler system accomplished. Water Availability Form work in progress. Section Valves Maintenance Worksheet updated, water mapping marking in progress. Consumer Confidence Report 2017 completed. New CL2 Pump ordered. Coordinating with PSE on their pole replacement project. Research started for new replacement generator for water pump.

Maintenance – Cleaned shop & clubhouse, picked up garbage around community and CRR entrance near mailboxes and community areas, did yard work and sprayed for ants and weeds, began trail work throughout community, worked on water pump generator with Jason Miller, placed sand on ball fields and located source for infield dirt mix and will request a bid. Procured estimate for main entry sign improvements.

Office / Admin – Updated database, organized office, submitted DOH items, contacted County regarding culvert repair and their plan to mow ditches. Power outages recorded 7/4 and 7/12/18.

Stables: Three horses currently in barn.

Special thanks to Paul and Michelle Stamnes for their donation of the foosball table in the Clubhouse.

Commission Reports
Water & Facilities (Karl Goeres)
Replacement of section valves was discussed. Procurement of proposals from engineering firms to create a bid package (contract documents and specifications) to accomplish this work, in phases, was approved by the Board.

Homeowners are reminded to consider turning off water to residences when they are away to avoid water damage associated with plumbing failures.  If water is turned off, also turn off water heaters. One residence recently had a broken pipe and suffered severe water damage while the owner was away. 

Consequences for homeowners with water fees in arrears was discussed. The Water Commission will explore revision of the process and submit to the Board for review.

Architectural Control (Jake Payne)  Seven permit requests including 2 remodels, 2 garage/sheds, 1 new construction, 1 tree removal, 1 hot tub.

Shoreline Stabilization and Conservation Commission (Bob Hennings)  The committee will meet with Lawrence Dominguez, Senior Ecologist with engineering firm KPFF on August 22, 2018, for his annual assessment of erosion. All homeowners / lot owners are encouraged to attend and learn about our river shoreline protection project. We will meet at the Community Club building at 9am. If any owners desire to tour, be shown the area, or have questions relating to the river project, please contact Bob Hennings at Also, a summary of the river project can be found on the CRR website under the shoreline tab

Box Gardens (Frank Nemeth)  Box garden plantings are flourishing. Thirty-one boxes have been utilized for $30 each. Three box gardens were not claimed, so Frank has planted those boxes with potatoes, beans, kale, and lettuce for all box owners to share. Some boxes will require replacement next year at a cost of $50 per box. A request is herein made to all Homeowners, renters, and guests: Please respect the box gardens. Enjoy their beauty, but do not enter the garden area unless you tend a box. Contact Frank Nemeth with any questions or comments (360-663-0325,

Old Business
Special Thanks – The Board would like to acknowledge and thank Wendy Scholl and Chris Hurst for their monumental efforts toward the successful closure of the recreational shooting area off 7013.  The positive results of their tireless commitment to protecting our community cannot be overstated. 

Possible Danger Trees in Common Areas – A Tree Risk Assessment Report requested by the Board to address possible danger trees in the triangle area at the entrance to CRR was submitted at today’s meeting. Board members will review the report to determine actions / recommendations.

Frisbee Golf – A proposal for the addition of a frisbee golf course will be submitted for discussion at the next Board Meeting.

New Business

Meeting was adjourned at 5:40 pm.

Next Board meeting September 15th, 2018 at 4pm.
All property owners are encouraged to attend.

Muckleshoot/Hancock Forest Management recreational access permit information is available at 

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