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July 20th at 4:00 pm is next board meeting.  All property owners are encouraged to attend.  New / updated documents:
CRR Property Rental Information for Homeowners May2019
Good Neighbor Brochure, Pierce County May2019
CRR ACC Reminder May2019
CRR Fireworks, Shooting, and Recreational Fires May2018

Channel Migration Analysis Pierce County project including CRR shoreline: http://upperwhitecmz.participate.online

Greenwater / Crystal Fire Department’s Facebook Site.
Norse Peak Fire / WRRA Post w/Links to Expert Reports:

July 2nd Popular FS 7013 target shooting site closed by Forest Service.  KCPQ Channel 13:  

Muckleshoot land access annual permit here: https://www.hancockrecreationnw.com/

Suggestion: Call insurance about coverage rate reduction.
Paul Sowers, Greenwater Fire Chief  “To all of you who own homes in Greenwater or Crystal Mountain: The WSRB (Washington Survey and Ratings Bureau) has re-assessed both fire districts. As a result, Greenwater’s fire protection class has risen from an eight to a six, and Crystal Mountain’s rating has risen from a ten to a seven. This is a result of improved staffing, training, and equipment, as well as improvements in the water supply in the Crystal Villages. You might let your insurance company know this, and ask if it lowers your rate. Thanks to the members of both departments, whose hard work and dedication are a big part of this result.”

Unsafe Shooting Problem: October 2016 Letter from James Pena, USDA Regional Forester to CRR President and Residents. 

Local Target Shooting Problem | Fire FS 7013 One Mile Of CRR:
Seattle Times August 26, 2016
Channel 5 August 26, 2016

Puget Sound Energy July 20, 2016 Greenwater Meeting
Power transmission line must be re-located in future due to river channel migration zone shoreline erosion. To help reduce over voltage surge events, 2017-2018 outages may be longer duration as PSE will be doing additional process steps to bring the grid back up.
Meeting talking points here

Meeting slides here

Cell_TowerEmergency VHF radio (not cell signalis the green tower off Crystal River Ranch Road behind Fire District Station 2.  For project description, click here

National Forest Service project proposal that will impact a number of roads:  http://www.fs.usda.gov/project/?project=47991

Unsafe Local Target Shooting:
Short video – all firearm scenes local NFS: “Firing Wild” Greenwater
Media piece – a mirror of what’s happening here: NFS Mt. Hood
White River Valley shooting: Problem described 1 page
Shooting problem, many facets: Overview 1 page
Listing of some shooting: Incidents

Important: Call 911 for any illegal firearm incident.